mm - Mini Portable Massage Gun

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MOQ: 12
Outer Carton: 12

Product information

This Portable Massager Gun has a convenient size that easily fits in your hands. It must not be underestimated in comparison to the larger version of the muscle massager gun, as it delivers an equivalent power. The Portable Massager Gun has 4 vibration speed modes and includes 4 attachments for any massaging needs. It is powered by a battery with a capacity of 2.400 mAh, the charge level is shown by the LED indicator. The Portable Massager Gun fits perfectly in the included carrying case. Making this the perfect massager for on-the-go and at home. This product can be delivered with a custom display that highlights the main features.
  • Attachments guide:

    1. For flat muscle groups that need a deeper massage
    2. For relieving muscle tension and pinpoint treatment
    3. For bulk muscle groups such as arms and thighs
    4. For neck spine and achilles
  • Includes: 4 attachments, Manual, Storage Bag & USB-C Cable
  • Custom displays available
  • 1200 - 3300 pulsation per minute
  • Metal housing
  • Material: Aluminium & ABS
  • Dimensions: 14 x 5 x 12 cm
  • Gross weight: 900 grams
  • Nett weight: 486 grams
  • MOQ: 12
  • Outer Carton: 12