mm - Adjustable Cupping Massager

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MOQ: 12
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Product information

Relax and revive with the Adjustable Cupping Massager. It helps ease tension, stress, and discomfort, leaving you feeling refreshed. You can control the suction strength with 12 different levels, and you can also change the temperature. It has 2 modes: Deep negative pressure mode (standard) and soothing pulsing mode. It includes two different-sized transparent cupping tanks and the 1800mAh battery is easily chargeable with the provided USB-C cable. Plus, it's portable – use it at home or take it with you anywhere you go!

  • Material: ABS, Silicone
  • Product dimensions: 18 × 13,5 × 8,5 cm
  • Nett weight: 350 grams
  • Input: 5V 2A
  • Output: 5W
  • MOQ: 12
  • Outer carton: 12